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Tech Tools That Can Give Your Business a Much-Needed Boost

The primary objective of introducing new technologies to business processes is to, among other reasons, make work easier, reduce the time spent on tasks, reduce cost and ultimately improve efficiency and productivity. While it can be difficult to make change to the established way of doing things, adding the latest tech tools can give your business a much-needed boost. Here are five tech tools that are promising to streamline operations for businesses that will take them up.


Todoist may seem like too simple a tech tool yet it helps entrepreneurs a great deal. After all, organizing is part of the daily routine of any company. Using Todoist, you can make a smart to-do list, broken down into due date of the task, its details and any other information that is relevant to the completion of the task.

What’s more, you can collaborate with your coworkers, and keep each other aligned to the objectives of each task at hand. Additionally, Todoist allows for email reminders and the creation of subtasks. The subtasks can have their own timelines. Moreover, Todoist is available on practically any device in your possession.

Cloud backup

The majority of businesses today have embraced cloud backup. If you are one of the few that are yet to make the switch, it is time to talk to a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) vendor and ask for a cloud backup solution for your enterprise. While cloud backup will often not negate the need to have a copy of your files locally stored in your servers, it goes a long way in creating convenience and enhancing business continuity.


Gone are the days when expense reporting was so analog with a trail of papers and receipts. By using Concur, you move your process of expense reporting from the analog universe and into the ever-changing digital world. The platform is not only perfect for streamlining this often-tiring process, it also allows for analytics and transparency.

Unlike the traditional approach to expense reporting that adds up costs long after the time they occurred, Concur oversees and manages expenditure as it occurs. It also makes the process fun and hustle free. This tech tool will give you a whole new perspective in managing the expenses of everyone who works for you.

Likable Local

No one likes to spend so much time publishing duplicate posts across different social media platforms. Likewise, the process of creating a social media presence is long and hard, making most of us resign before we see the results that a well-planed social media strategy can bring. Likeable Local most of the processes involved in social media publishing including choosing the content to publish and scheduling across multiple social networks at the same time.


Oomph is for entrepreneurs who use print ads but now want to switch to digital marketing. The tech tool allows you to essentially convert a print ad into a digital one without needing to call a graphics designer to recreate it. This reduces the cost while giving those old print ads you love a new lease of life on the World Wide Web.